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Handicapping Software Products:

QuickHorse Handicapping Software - For handicapping horses.  Includes a standard method of handicapping, then allows you to create your own method using Brisnet or TSN data which is available from the internet.

QuickDog - For handicapping Greyhound Racing.  Includes 5 Methods, backtesting, QuickTipper, Variants, export to Dogpak and Spreadsheets. QuickDog also allows you to create your own method in addition to "tuning" the included methods.  Either way, you develop a UNIQUE handicapping method which means more profits for you!

NEW!!! - QuickTips RETAIL - Start you own Internet Business!  Now you can RETAIL our NEW CUSTOMIZED Tipsheet at your SIMULCAST or OTB business location or your own website!

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QuickTips Tipsheet Service - Download QuickDog's Picks for you track!  Choose from 5 different styles and methods of handicapping.  Cost is as little as 50 cents per tipsheet.

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