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JONSOG associates, Inc., creators of QuickDog Software is now using QuickDog to generate SIMULCAST TIPSHEETS for most greyhound tracks across the country.  

You can buy our simulcast tipsheets as you need them.  

A simulcast tipsheet doesn't just cover one track, it covers all the tracks you want to play!  You tell us, what tracks, what wager, and we'll generate a tipsheet that is designed to provide the best plays for that wager at the tracks selected, all over the United States - TODAY!  


Here is a sample of ANOTHER tipsheet available for $5 - It's NOT customized, so everyone else has it who visits this site, and it only covers a single performance at a single track!

Sample Simulcast Tipsheet - Here is a sample of what you would receive in your email

Our Simulcast Tipsheets ( Tips ) now cover the following tracks:

Birmingham, Bluff's Run, Caliente, Corpus Christi, Cloverleaf, Daytona Beach, Dairyland, Dubuque, Ebro, Gulf Greyhound, Geneva Lakes, Hinsdale, Hollywood, Jacksonville, Jefferson County, Lincoln, Mile High, Multnomah, Naples Fort-Meyers, Orange Park, Palm Beach, Phoenix, Plainfield,  Pueblo, Raynham, Seabrook, Southland, Derby/St. Pete, Shoreline Star, Tampa, Tri-State, Tucson, Valley, Victoryland, Wheeling Downs, Wichita, Wonderland. 

What is our SIMULCAST TIPSHEET ( Tips )?

We now use our QuickDog software to produce a single text file which contains any tracks you select, along with the best selections BASED ON HISTORY of those selections for that TRACK, GRADE, and DISTANCE.  These are delivered to your email address the morning of the race programs.  You can request ALL tracks or just those that you play from your location.  

But, what makes this service unique is that you can select only the races which you would be comfortable wagering on, BASED ON how well these have been picked by QuickDog in the past, for a particular wager that YOU SELECT!

For example, we've created a handicapping method designed to pick the WINNER, and tested this for hundreds of races at each track/distance/grade.  The Method is different for each track, grade of dog, and distance of race, as you might guess, and we provide you only those particular races where we've done better than whatever success rate YOU PICK!  

You only want races that have been picked better than 40% of the time in the past?  You tell us!!  We'll only provide those races.  You save time, and skip the races which don't match your wagering style!  

Each race is time stamped with the approximate post time, so you'll get the races listed in order of anticipated post time, no matter where you live.  This will make playing the races that much easier, and chances are you won't miss any because they are all in order!

Right now, we only have 3 wagers we've created methods for but we're adding several more.  Here's an example of what you would ask for...

I want the following tracks -

Gulf, Multnomah, Palm Beach, Birmingham, Victoryland, Bluff's Run and Wonderland.

I want to wager on a Box 4 Quinella (right now you can choose from COLD WIN, BOX4 Q, or BOX 4 EXACTA - we're adding more wagers right now)

I only want to see races that the method has had 50% or better success at picking over the past 300 or more races at this track/grade/distance according to the race.  (Obviously the higher the number here, the fewer programs you will receive.  In addition our system will limit the % to a reasonable value.  For example, saying 12% for a COLD WIN is not reasonable as this is chance.  Our tipsheet will only provide those races which are picked at 25% or better.)

I want to use QuickDog's STANDARD METHOD to handicap these races. (You can also pick the KNIFE METHOD, KNIFE ADAPTED METHOD, MORGAN METHOD, CONSENSUS METHOD or BEST METHOD)

SEND ME THE TIPSHEET FREE (See below for step by step directions for ordering your first Simulcast Tipsheet FREE)

What does a Tips Sheet look like?

Here are samples of several tipsheet "styles".  QuickDog software produces 5 different methods of handicapping a program of races.  Each has different information.  Just click on each link below for a sample.  In addition to information for each type of TIPSHEET, there is one type of information that is common to each tipsheet.  The "METHOD SUCCESS" line will tell you how successful the selections have been for a particular wager over a large number of past races.  The higher the percentage success, together with the number of races tested, will provide your with a level of confidence in your wager.

You will notice that each of these Methods has several pages of information if you were to print them out.  (See below to find out how to get your FIRST Simulcast Tipsheet FREE)

Sample Simulcast Tipsheet - Here is a sample of what you would receive in your email

Click Here for Explanation of Standard Method

Click Here for Explanation of Knife Method

Click Here for Explanation of Knife Adapted Method

Click Here for Explanation of Morgan Method

How do I get My FREE Simulcast Tipsheet?

To Order a FREE Tipsheet for Tomorrow's Races (we prepare and send these out the day of the programs so you must order before tomorrow morning to receive your Simulcast Tipsheet for Tomorrow's Race Programs):

1)  Simply Send an email (Click Here: and enter the following information.


   a)  Subject line must have the words  - "free tipsheet" - in it.  We receive a lot of spam email so including free tipsheet in the subject will make sure your email is properly processed by our mail system.  If the words "free tipsheet" are NOT there, our system may ignore your request.

   b)  PROVIDE YOUR NAME and in your email list the following:

        1)  All the tracks you want to have handicapped.  Use the track name.  If you don't enter any tracks, then we will ignore your email.

        2)  The wager you want to use to handicap - choose 1 - COLD WIN or BOX 4 Q or BOX 4 EXACTA.  If nothing is specified, we'll provide the COLD WIN Wager.

        3)  The Method you want to use to HANDICAP or write "BEST METHOD".  If you don't know, we'll always provide the BEST METHOD for each race.

        4)  The % Success, for example, 40% which means QuickDog has picked this type of race 40% of the time or BETTER Correctly in the past.  If you don't care, then don't provide this information and our software will automatically use a number.

        5)  Select the number of races you want to make sure were tested in the past to deliver the % Win in number 4.  For example, if at least a 40% win in only 20 past races is ok with you, then say 20.  But if you want to be more sure, say 100, or 200, or even 500 past races.  If you don't care, don't provide this information.

        6)   Let us know what your time zone is.  These tipsheets will display the estimated Post Time for each of the races and the races are listed in this order.  So, in order to make sure the time shown is NOT Pacific Time (our time), we need to know your TIMEZONE!  If you don't enter a time zone, we'll use the PACIFIC TIME ZONE.

We WILL NOT write back to you with questions.  If you do not receive your FREE tipsheet tomorrow morning, then you can assume that we didn't understand your request and you might try again to FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS ABOVE.

How much does a Simulcast TipSheet Cost?

To begin your trial run we offer you a free Simulcast Tipsheet, so you will only pay for additional tipsheets if you enjoy the freebie!   We hope that you will make enough money using our Simulcast Tipsheet to easily cover the cost of your next purchase!

Simulcast Tipsheets, due to their custom nature are $10 per Tipsheet, which can be paid via paypal when you order more.  We can accept MONEY ORDERS by mail, but we will not send out tipsheets without having received payment FIRST!  So, if you want to order by mail, you may want to include enough money for several tipsheets for your account.  We will track your account for you in this case so you must trust us to do so.  If you can not trust us, then use each time you order a tipsheet.

See below for Order Information

Ordering MORE Simulcast Tipsheets

Steps to Ordering Simulcast Tipsheets:

1) Select the PAYPAL payment button below to make your $10 Tipsheet Payment. 2) Send your email request to us 9:00pm EST the day before the date of your tipsheet. 

If you would like to try our FREE QuickDog Software and haven't yet, Click Here! 

JONSOG associates, Inc. uses the Paypal service to collect credit card payments.  PAYPAL is owned by EBAY so you can trust it to keep your payments secure. 

ORDERING Simulcast Tipsheets BY MAIL -  

To pay by money order only send your money order payment to JONSOG associates, Inc., PO Box 911, Lyle, WA., 98635.   IMPORTANT -  Remember to include $10 per Simulcast Tipsheet you will want to purchase so that you don't have to wait NEXT TIME!

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See above for directions on what to include in your email to request your Simulcast Tipsheet.

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