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The Importance of Guarantees

Before you buy glasses from anyone, ask about their guarantee. Make sure they will stand behind their product. Here at Summit View Eye Care, we stand behind every frame that we sell, and offer a unique guarantee. Quite simply, If you are not satisfied with your glasses, then we'll fix it! It's important to check out the strength of the frame, ask about special coatings for lenses, and find out about breakage and adjustment policies.

Tips On Caring for Your Eyeglasses*

Keep your lenses clean by washing them twice daily in warm water or with special lens cleaner. Dry them with a soft cotton towel or special eyeglass cleaning cloth. When not wearing your glasses, keep them in their protective case. Never rest them face down on their lenses.

Always put on or take off your glasses with both hands, grabbing the temples midway on each side and sliding them backwards over your ears. This will help them keep their adjustment longer. Don't wipe your lenses while they are dry. Wash or blow off dust or grit instead. Never use paper products to wipe glasses as they can scratch the lens. Never use silicone tissues on plastic lenses.
*Adopted from "A Special Reminder... About Caring for Your Glasses!" American Optometric Association

Recommended Eyeglass Follow-Up Care

Over time, your frames will need adjusting. While many people like to think they can "adjust" their frame by themselves, it is always a good idea to have an eye care professional adjust your glasses to ensure the proper fit and comfort. It is recommended that you have your eyeglasses adjusted:
30 days after your initial purchase
6 months after your initial purchase
Whenever you need an adjustment or repair

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