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Knowing the Elements of a comprehensive eye exam..

The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends that the following tests be performed during a comprehensive eye exam.

General Physical Health - A complete health history should be taken to screen for physical conditions and prescription medications that may affect your eyesight.
External & Internal Eye Health - Examines exterior and interior of your eyes for signs of possible eye disorders such as cataracts or retinal problems.
Current Prescription Check - An evaluation of the prescription in your current eyeglasses.
Visual Acuity - Tests your ability to see sharply and clearly at all distances.
Refraction - Checks your eye's ability to focus light rays exactly on the retina at distance and near.
Tonometry - A test to help detect glaucoma that uses a computer to measure your internal eye pressure.
Visual Coordination - A check of eye coordination and muscle control.
Focusing Ability - A test of the eyes' ability to change focus.

You may also be given special tests for color and depth perception, visual fields, and other vision skills.
Adapted from "Family Guide to Vision Care."
American Optometric Association

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