Cascade Custom Boards offers a complete line of surfboards. All current designs are available as well as more traditional surf shapes. Cascade's roots originated in the surf industry dating back to 1972. Cascade owner/shaper Gary Swanson has been surfing actively since 1968. He has been involved in every phase of board manufacturing and has shaped professionally since 1979. Fred Stangl has been a professional glasser since 1972. Over the years, Gary and Fred have worked for many surfboard factories in southern California including Wilken, Natural Progression, Jacobs, Shoreline, Fluid Drive, and Blue Cheer. All designs, from modern tri-fins, fun shapes, high performance longboards, as well as  classic longboards, are available. Dealer inquiries invited. Please call for more information at 541-478-3441.

Funshape Board

8'0" x 21" x 15N x 14"T

This funshape is a good all around board that offers easy paddling and wave catching.

Performance Short Board

7'0" x 20" Squash Tail Tri-Fin

This is a good paddling short board.

Funshape Board

7'8" x 21" x 15"N x 14"T

Gary Surfing Baja

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