Cascade Sailboards offers a choice of two types of construction; the Cascade Gorge Classic Polyester and the Cascade Limited Edition Hybrid. Both types can be produced in any design, i.e. Gorge Series, Wave Series, or Slalom Series. Cascade uses only the finest materials available, first quality Clark Foam, Silmar Resins, Hexcel 'S' fiberglass, carbon and kevlar, and Chinook boxes and inserts.  On top of all of that, there are 4 good reasons to buy a custom sailboard.

Gorge Series

Wave Series

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The Gorge Classic Polyester

The Gorge Classic  Polyester has been the cornerstone of Cascade's success since 1983.  Known for it's smooth, predictable feel on the water, the Classic Polyester is a high performance custom board that is durable, easy to repair, and affordable. These boards are hand shaped with double stringer 'classic' weight Clark Foam. Glassing is beefy and gorge-proven with a combination of 4+6 oz. 'S' glass. Bottom glassing consists of two full length layers plus a jump patch. Top glassing includes three layers full length with an additional three layer deck patch that is glassed over Chinook boxes and inserts. Rails are double wrapped (four layers total).  The fin box is reinforced with oak woodies and carries a lifetime warrantee. Boards are constructed with a clear U.V. stabilized resin allowing color to be added to either or both sides of the board.

Cascade Limited Edition Hybrid

New for 1998, the Cascade Limited Edition Hybrid brings together the best of both worlds. The strength, durability, smooth ride and custom shape associated with a glass board and the stiffness and lighter weight of an epoxy board. The board is built using a stringerless Ultra-lite Clark Foam blank with a 1/4" sheet of high density Divinycell vacuum bagged to the bottom. The blank is then custom shaped. Glassing is completed using an all 6 oz. 'S' glass bottom and a carbon and carbon/kevlar hybrid cloth deck. The resin used is an incredibly durable vinyl ester. The entire jibe area is reinforced with an additional layer of carbon and a full length veil of 'S' glass. The end result is a lighter, stiffer, and very durable custom board that looks outrageous. The foam is closed-cell so it can't absorb water like E.P.S. foam. Average weights are about three lbs. lighter than their polyester counterpart.

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