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Welcome to counseling/coaching by Donna, marriage and family therapy, quizzes based on research in health science, program speaker,  job, career counsel/coaching and resumes, games. 
I.  If you are in the Columbia Gorge Area, and speak either English or Spanish, I am certified to administer the Prepare/Enrich marriage counseling in your language in my office or in your home.
II. Get comfortable, enjoy the
New "One Who goes with you E-zine" with music and gifs.  I'm Donna Gray-Davis, Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy, a 2,000 graduate. People want good lives: God is the only power. I do online counseling, coaching. Although I have 10 years experience in corporate industry management coaching, my specialty is solution-focused brief therapy ( 8-20 sessions): couples, individuals, children. Husband Bill has a hospital and veteran center ministry of music. We believe all of us can make success in our lives, and studied to do it --with family therapy and ministry together. Alternative healing it may be; Work, it does. See some fun, easy and low cost ways. Interact awhile. I'm glad to see you.
    Bill and I say,  "He who laughs….Lasts!" We believe in humor's healing powers. But we are accustomed with grief -- trained to help you. Depression and anxiety can be helped too.  I work in standard ways so click on Memorandum of Understanding for the legal part.
    Now you have a skilled helper to talk to. I have a gift of time for you--the first online session is free. Then get ready to see achievement and feel joy. Some mental health concerns may be shared in
Talking with Donna  in Hood River News. More links.                                Grace and Peace, Donna   
BTW--Will you be 21 in the 2,000's? If yes, you're a Millennial. I have a hunch you want something new and solid. I may have it, firm and bright as you wish.                             

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